Friday, 23 March 2012

Final over - 23 runs

West indies 294/7 in 50 overs

West indies smashed 50th over of Bret Lee for 23 runs, that includes 3 huge sixes and a boundary a single and an important wicket of KA Pollard.


Lee to Sammy, 1 run, short ball and Sammy pulls towards deep square leg 


Lee to Pollard, SIX, Pollard gets to his century with a huge hit over the midwicket boundary, backing away to a short delivery and pulling, he takes of his helmet and roars, tremendous intensity in that celebration 


Lee to Pollard, OUT, he's gone this time, the delivery was fuller outside off and Pollard swung hard at it, slicing it in the air towards deep cover where Hussey ran in and took the catch. Pollard's played a special innings and he gets a warm ovation from this crowd

KA Pollard c MEK Hussey b Lee 102 (70b 5x4 8x6) SR: 145.71 


Lee to Sammy, SIX, Sammy's pulled a short ball and what's happened there? The ball went high in the air and cleared Forrest on the boundary. He's not having much joy out there 


Lee to Sammy, FOUR, Full ball outside off stump, Sammy stays in his crease and drives hard, drilling the ball past Lee and beating the fielder at mid-off 


Lee to Sammy, SIX

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