Thursday, 22 March 2012

Bangladesh: Challenge and Revenge


Asia cup 2012 Mirpur, The talented Bangladesh
Bangladesh really working hard to lift the Asia cup 2012 which is currently ongoing at Mirpur, Bangladesh.
Bangladesh have planned well. Everything have came right to them since they started good with the BPL (Bangladesh Premier League). They started good cricket. enjoyed better cricket and gathered their entire talents, they united and now they are challenging the cricket world. Hopefully the inexperienced team now playing a remarkable cricket that cannot be forgot by anyone. Its became a brilliant knock in their entire cricket history.

Once they were a little team which was searching for a good cricket team. When they begun to play cricket they were the worst side without experience and talent, they managed to bear the pains, even top cricket teams thrased them out and smashed up. They begun to correct their mistakes. First they have gathered all together and need to discuss seriously about their future.

They guys begun to converse within them for their improvement probably the senior players must came with and might suggested few key points, which united the team and must keep them avail for any time and any where against any team. That is the master piece of Bangladesh's improvement. The BPL was been a better almost a boon for their spirit.

Once they were been played and smashed roughly in international cricket. But now they were taking revenge of them by demolishing the world champions India, and world cup finalist Sri lanka. No matter what they played earlier, now they are playing a best knock of all. They smashed both the world cup finalists its became a stunning performance of all time.

The Bangladesh team was prepared for BPL and surprisingly now became a toughest team in international cricket. The master brain behind BPL was became a life line of their cricketing world. Well they planned and well they executed, Hats off.

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